Creating a more agile intranet system for the busy healthcare professional.

Within a healthcare environment, medical professionals deal with a variety of problems and tasks on a day to day basis. To assist them, a reliable intranet system is essential. However, many of the systems that are utilized often do not provide the essential tools and services that they often need and can be archaic and unusable in nature. At the same time, the shifting nature of patient care and experience increasingly rely on IoT Devices to minimize physical contact in increasingly uncertain times. 


To validate the problem space. we did extensive secondary research to understand the some of the big ticket issues affecting the medical industry during the height of CoVID-19 highlighting the insurmountable challenges medical institutions and professionals were suddenly facing. This was highlighted by qualitative interviews with 18+ medical professionals, spanning nurses, doctors and unit clerks where we understood some of the issues they were facing. 

Enter Lifelogic. 

Lifelogic is a SaaS product designed to help hospitals and health agencies better communicate vital information and statistics. Starting from a departmental point of view, each ward has access to pertinent information about patient intake and capacity, vital hospital wide reports, and timely updates about administrative and health related information in a timely and instantaneous manner. From a consumer point of view, using the Lifelogic platform, they would be able to access their own vital data and use the Lifelogic platform to interact with their medical provider by connecting with their doctors virtually or booking appointments. 

 Using a variety of API connections within existing institutional resources, Lifelogic is able to connect and give access to vital information using, locally and cloud based encryptions and utilizing a broad index of systemwide roles and permissions that ensure privacy and security are thoughtfully integrated. 

Creating a Patient Centred Health Portal 

Not only will healthcare professionals benefit from a more modern digital infrastructure, Patients will experience a simple and easy way to book and view their upcoming appointments, meet with a virtual healthcare worker, track lab or test results dynamically as well as connect existing extended health plans to facilitate easier processing of coverage and approvals. 

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